Live: September 30, Shakers Smokehouse in Oakville
You gotta try the ribs !!!

The 4 Steps Busy Bar Owners Use to Hire a Band

1. Determine your “theme” 

The first, most important step of the whole band-hiring process is determining what kind of a band you’re looking for. Just as there is every type of music in the world, there is also every type of band. A lot of bar owners get caught up in the idea that bands have to be “cool” to draw in crowds, and they forget to consider their customers. Remember that this band is meant to attract your customers, so you’ll want to find a band that works for them and their dining experience. 

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Latest video evidence of Eldorado Bound

From left to right: Peter Walker, Robert Killian, John McLarty, Michael Fitzgibbon, Peter Monk

Willin' by Little Feat. 
We all love this tune so we covered it !  You can find it here.